Reader Post: Christina’s Story

As part of this blog, we invite readers who have experienced pregnancy loss or stillbirth to share their stories with us. You can submit your story on our Share Your Experiences page.

We’re very grateful to Christina for getting in touch with her experience. Thank you, Christina, and we wish you all the best.

It took me 5 years to get pregnant and when I found out I was having twins I was so excited! Everything was going great until week 14 when twin A started to gather fluid on the back of her neck, we were told she has Turners syndrome, and she has 20% chance of survival but if she did survive she would have some medical issues but she would live a normal life. I had to go in weekly for check ups and week 15 everything was still going good and that’s when we found out they were girls. I paid for a special ultrasound to get a 3d and stuffed animal with their heart beats. That’s when I heard those words..I don’t see a heart beat….then they measured twin A, Noelle and she stopped growing at 16.5 weeks..that is the day that a part of my heart died. The hardest part was I had to carry her until her twin Nova decided when it was time. The positive side is I got to see Noelle Weekly but at the same time it was a reminder that she was gone. When I delivered I was told that there were no traces of Noelle left (they said she came out with my water which happened on the toilet that I flushed) but one year later I got my surgical note and it noted that she was there she was deformed but there.. I could of had my baby cremated.

I hate when people tells me these phases
‘Be happy you got Nova still’
‘Everything happens for a reason’

And I hate when people try to tell me that Nova is living in Noelle’s shadow..which is not true, we don’t celebrate there birthdays on the have day we consider noelle birthday the day she passed.

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