Research Outputs and Media Coverage

Research Outputs

As work on the project progresses, you will be able to access our research outputs from this page. These will include journal articles and conference presentations.

Outcomes thus far:

  • Article in the Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly (2019)Reproductive loss and disposal of pregnancy remains.’ L. Austin and S. McGuinness. Read online.
  • Article for the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) (2019) ‘Supporting funerals following miscarriage or stillbirth.’ Read online.
  • Article for Frontiers in Communication (2019), ‘What can metaphor tell us about experiences of pregnancy loss and how are these experiences reflected in midwife practice?.’ Read online.
  • Article for Women’s Studies International Forum, Vol 74, May-June (2019) ‘The Presence of Absence: Tensions and Frictions of Pregnancy Losses – an introduction.’ Read online.
  • Report to the Human Tissue Authority on disposal of pregnancy remains (less than 24 weeks’ gestational stage) (Spring 2017) Executive summary and full download
  • Policy briefing document: Pregnancy loss: consistent bereavement care pathways needed (October 2017) Download
  • Project conference held at the University of Birmingham (February 2018)
  • Article for The Birmingham Brief, summarising findings from our linguistic analysis (June 2018) Read online  Download PDF
  • Report prepared for the Department of Health and Social Care Pregnancy Loss Review  (August 2018) Download
  • Article for The Conversation: Pregnancy loss: how to find the right words to talk about it (August 2018) Read online
  • Presentation to Human Tissue Authority regarding key project findings and recommendations regarding guidance and standardised approaches (January 2019) Download presentation

Our planned outcomes include:

  • Reports informing revisions to HTA Guidelines
  • Reports to our key partners to inform training of support workers (see the ‘Useful Resources and Project Partners’ page for more information on our partners).
  • 7 or more peer-reviewed academic journal articles
  • A special issue of a peer-reviewed academic journal

Death before Birth in the Media

August 2018

The Independent (2018) ‘What to say to someone who’s had a miscarriage’, 20 August. Available at:

October 2017

BBC (2017) ‘Care after miscarriage “not consistent enough”, 10 October. Available at:

Fowler, C. (2017) ‘Miscarriage is a devastating bereavement – women like me deserve closure’, The Telegraph, 11 October. Available at:

Health Business (2017) ‘Post-miscarriage care lacks consistency’, 10 October. Available at:

Medical XPress (2017) ‘Care after miscarriage needs standardised approach, report reveals’, 10 October. Available at: 

MedPage Today (2017), ‘All options after miscarriage should be offered (BBC News)’, 10 October. Available at:

Moss, R. (2017) ‘Women are receiving inconsistent advice and support after miscarriage’, Huffington Post UK, 10 October. Available at: